LOVEFiLM Slam Dunks The Rebound – Boom-Shakalaka!

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Within twenty-four hours of my last post, LOVEFiLM has responded and done pretty much everything I could have hoped for. Here’s what they said:

So, this is very good. They got back to me, apologised and offered to help, and they responded to my responses swiftly. Next thing, they got into contact with me via DM (good standard practice, since they were going to ask me about account information):

And they’ve now given me an extra disc credit. Fantastic, a perfect follow-through!

Conclusion: all-in-all, LOVEFiLM did a great job. They turned a negative experience into a positive one, and I am now sharing that with you guys reading this; hence, they have shown integrity, and because of that, they garnered positive awareness around their service.

There is one last thing I want to mention, and this isn’t a criticism I levy at LOVEFiLM in particular: it’s a shame that more companies don’t have staff working on the weekends to deal with these sorts of customer complaints quicker. Take a look at this research conducted by Sysomos in 2009:

Now, while these statistics are a year old (a long time in social media), if we take them at face value we can see that 25.26% tweets sent out during the week occur during the weekend. That’s a quarter of all total tweets, and yet a lot of companies choose not to have staff working around this time. I think it’s not only a missed opportunity, but on the rarest of occasions it can make a company more susceptible to a PR crisis that could have been prevented. A customer complaint unanswered on a Friday can snowball into a fiasco come Monday – though, as I mentioned before, it’s not the norm.

Not to get too negative, though. LOVEFiLM deserve plaudits for acting as quickly as they did in making their customers feel valued and respected.


Twitter & Me

June 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Yes, I’ve joined the Twitter fraternity. No, I am not a douche-bag.

You can find me as bowlbytweets (see what I did there?). Don’t expect much from me on this. For the most part, I think Twitter is the end of civilisation as we know it and a platform for people with terrible egos (and yes, I recognise the irony of that statement). It may, however, come in handy sometime when I don’t have access to a computer and only have my mobile with me.

I think this best sums up my estimation of Twitter.

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