Site Update – 29/11/09

November 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

So I’ve been doing a lot of catching up this weekend, mostly to little or no avail. I’ve still got several games left on my shelf, most of them almost completely unfinished, staring me in the face. Adding to that, I’ve still got more to come through the post and several that I’m playing at the moment – and again, the chances of their being completed to a reasonable standard?

Let’s just say it’s not looking too likely at this point.

One of the games I’ve been playing is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. It’s a Wild West themed first-person shooter, and from a technical standpoint it’s actually pretty good. The graphics look really impressive most of the time, and the gunplay mechanics are just great. The problem it has is in its story and characters, both of which fail on fundamental levels. Very simply, the two playable characters in the game are so completely unlikable that you don’t care what happens to them; hence, no engagement. The plot is also an absolute joke – cliched, sophomoric, boring. In other words, whenever there’s the story part of the game to deal with, I start falling asleep; whenever a fight breaks out, I’m glued to my HDTV.

If only they could have just given the player an open world, a silent protagonist, a faction system and prestige/reputation system something like in Sid Meier’s Pirates!, then Ubisoft would have had a real winner on their hands.

Edit: Also, Gul Dukat – or, rather, the actor who plays him – is in this game. For those who aren’t Star Trek fans, Gul Dukat was this really sleazy, slimy bastard from Deep Space Nine, portrayed by Marc Alaimo. He was a great baddie and probably one of the most memorable characters from the show. Unfortunately, he’s voicing one of the playable characters, Ray, here, and all I hear is Dukat. No, even Dukat had his good points, or at least he was interesting. Ray in comparison is just some dumb hick who you’re supposed to care about, but really don’t. Not Alaimo’s fault, of course; just bad writing.



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