Indie Intrigue – A New Addition to the Site

September 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Inspired by this recent post on Leigh Alexander’s blog, I have decided to put up a small section dedicated to free-to-play indie video games that I feel are worth some attention (side bar on the right, below Blogroll). I’ve just been playing a game called Canabalt – a fun, very presentable effort from Adam Atomic – and it would have passed me by completely had it not been for this recent Kotaku post. It occurs to me as somewhat unjust that such a game could fade into obscurity so easily, going unnoticed by the masses, and so this is my personal effort to reduce the chances of that happening. I won’t be reviewing these games, but merely suggesting that people at least give them a try.

Indie titles, like these, are interesting. They generally tend to be high concept and minimalistic, and they can end up being very clever works of design. A lot of these games don’t have that much depth, but they do have a pick-up-and-play value that I admire – and some of them even dare to provoke an emotional response.

However, truth be told, these games probably won’t hold you gripped for hours on end, but when you look at what’s been accomplished, usually just by one-person teams a lot of the time, it reminds you how wonderful and ingenious their efforts are – considering the restraints and limitations they face – and that, despite the mediocre crap the industry sometimes comes out with, there is always room and potential for creativity and innovation.

How great is it that we now live in age where people can make games like this, where they can be enjoyed, recommended and shared by millions of people worldwide, all for free?


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