XBox 'Live Your Moment' TV Advert

July 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

While playing 1 vs. 100 you will often be bombarded with the same couple of placeholder Microsoft Xbox ads that are currently doing the rounds. Now, ever since I’ve seen these ads on television, I’ve found them creepy and generally uncomfortable to watch. I never really pinned it down before, but now I know why I find the adverts so distasteful: they remind me of this and this (skip to 3:31 to see what I mean).

So, when watching these ads I am either reminded of someone have a stroke or being brainwashed by Jim Carrey; neither of those two associations are that positive, in my eyes. But, as I’m sure it will be for everyone else, it’s a subjective reaction, based on my own set of recollections and experiences. Personally, I think those ads are damn freaky, but I’d be interested to know what other people think.

Oh, and also: I’d forgotten how many great lines there are in Batman Forever. The film is kind of a joke and can now be seen to mark the beginning of the end for the franchise (until Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan managed to revive it, that is) but Jim Carrey is just awesome in the film, as is Tommy Lee Jones. It’s so goddamn hammy but I love it. And Nicole Kidman is so hot in it. And Drew Barrymore plays one of Two-Face’s groupies.

Fan-tastic. 😀


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