"UK Indie Retailers Downbeat On PSP Go" Edge Online Article

June 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Remember when I advanced some skepticism towards the PSPgo’s digital distribution-only model and its price point? Well, heeeeeeeeello! This, from Don McCabe, joint marketing director of indie gaming store Chips:

At the moment [PSP hardware and software sales represent] about five to six per cent of our overall turnover. You’d never throw that sort of percentage away – they’re not flying machines but they’re nice and steady. [But] on hardware [alone] you make next to no money and in some instances we actually lose money on each piece of hardware we sell, so if you’re going to just sell a piece of hardware and then never see that customer again, from a retail point of view you might as well just shoot yourself in the head. [my emphasis]

Ouch. But he’s absolutely right: why stock hardware which actually takes away business from you instead of giving it?

Supposedly, North American retailers have been taking to the PSPgo much more enthusiastically, and that seems to be in a great deal down to the PlayStation Network cards which you can buy in stores and redeem online. At the moment these cards don’t exist in Europe, but there’s no reason I can see for Sony not releasing them here. I would say they have to if they ever want to stop the product tanking before it’s even released.


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