Brevity Is Not Always A Good Thing

June 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m in the process of reviewing Wanted: Weapons of Fate and I’m in somewhat of a quandary. It’s a really fun game and, normally, I’d have no reservations in giving it a solid four out of five score, but it’s short – and I mean really short. If I were to make an estimate, I’d probably say the entire game lasts around six to eight hours (and that’s me playing the game through slowly). Even for a rental it’s a startlingly brief experience, and yet it when it was released it was classified as a fully priced game. And let me make this clear: Wanted: Weapons of Fate is most definately not worthy of that title.

And then I remembered Mitch’s post a while back. Note that I try not to read reviews of games I’m planning to review myself, as I often worry that somehow my opinion will be influenced by those of more notable writers, but in this case my general verdict pretty much mirrors that of Mitch. The issue is this: do I review the quality of the experience or the value of the overall package? I believe it has to be the latter – of which the former is included – because we’re not just reviewing a pure experience here; we’re evaluating the value of a commercial product.

Of course, if a game is utter rubbish then no matter what you do it will still be crap – regardless of length, unlockable features, game modes, etc. You can’t polish a turd and call it gold.


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