LOVE Gameplay Demo — By Eskil Steenberg

April 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is pretty interesting: LOVE is this weird, procedurally-generated mini-massively multiplayer online game; each world is populated by around 200 people, and each world can be completely terraformed, explored and fought over by the players (and AI) within.

It’s quite an ambitious concept, especially considering it’s being made entirely by one man, Eskil Steenberg, “without funding or support.” From the gameplay video (linked below), the game looks like a combination of different games and genres. From my perspective, it looks like a cross between a 3D Tower Defense game, an FPS and Darwinia (and, probably, something like Second Life or Stronghold).

It seems rather aimless, which will probably be a turn-on for some people but discouraging to others. And with the game being infused with so many different genres, I’m left wondering whether if it will actually add up to much. I’m a terrible skeptic when it comes to these sorts of things; it helps keep me grounded when bombarded with enthusiastic promises and lofty expectations — which tends to happen frequently in the video games industry. What Steenberg has created so far is very impressive, but can one man ever hope to create a whole MMO from scratch, make it work — and make it work well?

Steenberg has his hands full; hopefully he comes back with an omelette instead of scrambled egg.


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