This Week’s Film/Games Reviews — 27/04/09

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This week, we have the continuation of the Mick Travis saga in the form of Britannia Hospital (1982). For video games, I will be reviewing Ninja Gaiden 2 (XBox 360).

That will be all.


Why QTEs (Quick Time Events) Suck Giant Monkey Balls

April 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

As I’ve been recently tormented myself playing Ninja Gaiden 2 recently, I went to check out GiantBomb‘s Quick Look of Ninja Blade — a game that also has the word ‘ninja’ in the title, and which features ninjas in the actual game (who’d have thought?) Witness a perfect example of why QTEs are a terrible gameplay mechanic (skip to about 7 mins in).

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'Tsotsi' (2005) 200 Word DVD Review

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Gavin Hood’s award winning drama is a powerful tale of redemption, set in the Soweto slums near Johannesberg, South Africa. The film focuses on the vicious, volatile ‘Tsotsi’ (literally translated as ‘thug’), a local gang leader, who unwittingly becomes the surrogate ‘mother’ of a small child after a carjacking gone wrong. Scared, frightened, Tsotsi is forced to look after the baby and to come to terms with his own upbringing and the mistakes he’s made along the way.

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LOVE Gameplay Demo — By Eskil Steenberg

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This is pretty interesting: LOVE is this weird, procedurally-generated mini-massively multiplayer online game; each world is populated by around 200 people, and each world can be completely terraformed, explored and fought over by the players (and AI) within.

It’s quite an ambitious concept, especially considering it’s being made entirely by one man, Eskil Steenberg, “without funding or support.” From the gameplay video (linked below), the game looks like a combination of different games and genres. From my perspective, it looks like a cross between a 3D Tower Defense game, an FPS and Darwinia (and, probably, something like Second Life or Stronghold).

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'Left 4 Dead' Survival Pack PC Impressions

April 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

Valve released the much-anticipated Survival Pack DLC for Left 4 Dead this Tuesday. Included were two Versus maps (Death Toll and Dead Air) and a new game mode called Survival, which comes with its own exclusive map, The Last Stand. Also included were some bug fixes and gameplay changes.

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'OutRun Online Arcade' XBox 360 LIVE Arcade Review

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OutRun Online Arcade is the gaming antidote to a rainy, Sunday afternoon; it is pure unadulterated escapism, liquid joy in the form of ones and zeros. In between all the Resident Evils and Gears of Wars in this world, they simply don’t make this kind of game any more. Except they do. Because this is Sega we’re talking about here, and they’re not afraid of committing themselves to, what I’d imagine to be, months of development time, hours of endless discussions, trying to figure out which perfect shade of blue they should put in a game.

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This Week's Film/Games Reviews — 20/04/09

April 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

Two reviews coming at’cha this week: OutRun Online Arcade for the Xbox 360 and the Academy Award winning film Tsotsi (2005). Also, if Valve don’t screw up, you should be getting some of my impressions on the new Left 4 Dead: Survival Pack DLC for the PC (and also available for the Xbox 360).

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