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February 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is my first attempt at a YouTube video – a test really. I wanted to see how the recording quality would come out when uploaded. It took a ridiculous amount of time to upload the file considering the film is only three-and-a-half minutes long. I am considering doing more videos, mostly FRAPS recordings, but possibly with commentary as well.

In a way, I’m surprised at how popular YouTube is as a video-sharing site considering some of the technical barriers to entry. First off, you need to own a computer decent enough to run a game alongside FRAPS in the background, and if it’s a game like Doom 3 or Crysis, then boy, is it going to chuuuug. Second, the amount of hard disk space needed for even a small recording to take place at a reasonable resolution is quite demanding. Then on top of all that, you need to convert the files from their raw format to something a little more condensed. It took me a fair while to find such a program and get it working – and I’m pretty technically minded. Finally, when all this is done, you can start uploading your files to YouTube. This step is simple enough; it’s just that you have to bear in mind that it takes a lot longer to upload something than to download. In which case, 180 megs may seem small, but when you’re uploading something that size it turns out to be quite a burden to carry – at least for my connection anyway. Of course, this is all specific to my experience and is only really relevent if you’re going to be recording something using a computer. If you’re recording from a video camera and want to put the film on to YouTube, then it’s only the last couple of steps you would need to worry about.

Still, I can see the appeal. It’s very satisfying seeing something you made being published in a forum for all to see, especially if it’s something immediately accessable to everyone – like a video. You definately get a buzz from it, and it does make me want to do more, but the time it takes to make something good is considerable. All I did was upload something I recorded on my computer. I didn’t use any editing techniques whatsoever; I pretty much just copy-and-pasted the .avi from my computer to the internet, with no revisions or edits, and that still took me a while to figure out. Maybe next time it’ll be a faster process; that is, if I do end up putting myself through this ordeal again.

By the way, if you do watch the video, then be sure to use the ‘watch in high quality’ option on the YouTube webpage.



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