'The Ethics of Scent of a Woman' Article

January 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

Excellent article here by a guy called Matthew Belinkie. Scent of a Woman is a bit of a joke as a ‘serious film’ about ‘making a stand’ but it is hilarious because of Al Pacino’s ridiculous over-acting and general Pacino-ness that we’ve now come to unfortunately know and hate too well. To be fair to the guy, he did get an oscar for that role; it’s understandable that he let that go to his head and for him to think that from now on he should act like that in every film. Anyway, despite the need for someone to tell to really “CALM THE FUCK DOWN”, it’s difficult not to love the guy in Heat and The Devil’s Advocate. Heat is a good film and although it would have lost an element without Pacino it still would have worked well because everything else in that film was great. The Devil’s Advocate on the other hand, only Al Pacino could save us from Neo’s so-subtle-it’s-almost-undetectable acting style by going the complete other way.


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  • Joel says:

    Truth be told, I LOVE the over-acting, angry Pacino. Scent of a Woman wasn’t the first time he appeared, the angry Pacino was very much in top form on Dog Day Afternoon. Has anyone read the cracked.com article on what Al Pacino’s Oscar Acceptance speech should’ve sounded like? They’ve very much nailed it down! “She’s got a…GREAT ASS, AND YOU’VE GOT YOUR HEAD ALL THE WAY UP IT!” Ferocious, isn’t he?

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